Other services

Other services

In addition to the Silent Disco headphones, it is possible to rent audio and light equipment from us.

Sound equipment:

  • Small speaker set, 1300 W (SR ROAD 1320)
  • Middle spreaker set, 3200 W (SR DIGIT TWO 3000)
  • DJ-mixer (Pioneer DJM-850)
  • CD-players (Pioneer CDJ-900)
  • Wireless microphone (Shure BLX24E/SM58)
  • Microphone wired (Shure SM58)
  • Screen (2,1×1,6m) and projector

Light equipment:

  • Stairville LED Flood Panel (8pcs
  • Stairville Stage TRI LED Bundle Complete (1pcs)
  • Disco sphere (ADJ Starburst) (2pcs)