Frequently Asked Questions

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As there is no two similar parties we cannot provide you price before we hear about your thoughts and wishes. Please send us e-mail or give us a call +372 5622 4625 Svea and we will make you a price offer.
We use special headsets that are perfectly designed for silent parties. Headphones are comfortable and easy to adjust. We have 450 pairs of headphones and with 45-days preorder we can provide till 1000 pairs. The working range of wireless headphones is 500 meters. Headphones have two different channels. That means you can choose which channel you like more. For example: channel A is retro music and channel B is house, etc. In addition we offer CD-players, mixer controllers and plentiful lighting equipment.
We work together with different DJ’s who play in different clubs in Estonia. If you wish to have some certain DJ in your party then please infotm us the name and we will help to get in touch with him. You can always rent tehcnology without DJ and DJ without rentig technology from us.
The sooner, the better. As entertainment business is order based then a rule applies – who books first that gets the service. We accept orders inadvance for 12 months. in case of emergency you can call us, and if the technology is unbooked you can have your thins on the same day as well.
The wireless headphones can be used in all kinds of events where you need to forward sound through headphones. We have rented our headphones for conferences, theatres, cinemas, concerts, yoga classes and orher events. As the headphones have 2 channels they are very good in forwarding two different sound in same time. For example conferences – translation into two different languages.

We will bring our wireless headphones wherever You want..