Would you like to surprise your guests and have an absolutely different kind of dance party in your wedding? You can have a completely silent dance party!

Also you can have enough variety in the music. With 2 channels to choose from you can be sure to satisfy every taste from younger sibling to Granddad. For example channel A is with 80’s music and channel B is dance/house, etc. Or maybe you have guests with two different languages then you can easily split the music: channel A for Estonian music and channel B for Russian/Finnish music.

The biggest advantage of a silent disco is that it can take place virtually anywhere. There is no loud noise as no actual music is being transmitted through speakers. You can carry on celebrations till the early morning if you wish to.

If some guests would like to talk and others prefer dancing then silent party is also a great opportunity. Background is quiet and everybody can talk to each other. And other put the headphones on and let the dance begin.